moving exercise equipment

Moving Exercise Equipment Safely

It’s expensive, it’s heavy, and if not handled properly, it can take a chunk out of you. Moving exercisemoving exercise equipment equipment safely is not only important for preserving your investment, but it may also prevent injury.

Break down. Nearly all pieces of work out equipment can be broken down, bolts can be removed, and they can be folded down. This is something that has to be done safely. Consult owners manual for weight benches and exercise bikes because you should only loosen and remove bolts that are intended to be adjusted. Follow instructions carefully as you break down your gear.

Transportation. Using the original boxes is critical to prevent damage to yourself and the equipment. If not, you need to get your hands on some strong, heavy plastic storage containers. They can be used for some of the bigger parts so that you don’t lose a single piece. Again, be absolutely certain that you have the real instruction manual or owners guide because getting them back together can be tricky.

Prep the room. Wherever you are planning to keep your equipment, there will have to be enough room for everything to fit as it stands. You should take some measurements and be sure that the workout gear won’t be hitting the ceiling or scraping the walls. The last thing you want in your new house is fresh damage. That will make for a harder move and could spoil your fun.

Best of luck!

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