moving during the winter

Moving During The Winter

moving during the winterAny move can be stressful, throw some snow and ice in there (or how about a polar vortex?!) and you are up for a real treat. Check out our moving tips for staying warm and being prepared for a cold winter move.

Heat things up – Prior to getting started, whip up a crockpot of hot cocoa and a pot of coffee. Not only will your movers (hired or friends) appreciate it, but you will thank yourself later. There are a ton of ideas on Pinterest, in fact, we have even Pinned a few for ya!

Dress warm – Be sure to lay out warm clothes and backups. Sometimes you need a change of clothes and if you are not prepared, it will make you miserable. It is also a good idea to keep a box of mittens, scarves and hats just in case. Leave out a few extra coats too, just in case anyone needs them. They are easy to bring along, but they will be greatly missed if forgotten.

Prep your drive and walkway ahead of time – Seriously, shovel the snow and bust out the salt. Go to town on ANY areas people will be walking. The last thing you need is someone slipping and falling. Cover your floors and carpets with a heavy-duty rug and/or cardboard to avoid the tracking of snow and slush into your home. Keep rags and a mop to give the floors a quick wipe just in case.

Moving during the winter is different than any other time of year. There are natural elements that you can’t predict and so being over-prepared is the best way to go about it. In this case, it is better to be safe than sorry!

Have you ever moved during the winter? What tips do you have?

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