How to move when you are pregnant

Moving During Pregnancy

Moving During Pregnancy


Moving is stressful and can be hard on the body. Pregnancy adds extra stress on the body. Here are some great tips to make moving during pregnancy easier on you and baby.

Start early – make a list and establish realistic deadlines. Start early packing up anything you can’t live without for a few weeks.

Don’t overdo it – take frequent breaks, ask for help and stay hydrated. Pregnancy hormones relax your ligaments and muscles, so don’t lift anything too heavy, as you could be putting extra stress on your body.

Ask for help – enlist family and friends to help you pack and move. Hire a moving company such as Atmosphere Movers to pack and move for you.

Beware of toxic chemicals – paints and harsh cleaners for example. You may want to be out of the house when painting or deep cleaning is happening.

Doctors – consult with your doctor about how much you should lift and do. If you need to change doctors, see your doctor for a referral. Make your first appointment for the week you arrive in your new city to get acquainted with your new doctor. Don’t forget to get your medical records from your previous OBGYN.

Give yourself time to unpack – pack a 3 day bag with essentials. This will give you time to unpack slowly. Put the most important things on the moving truck last, so they will be taken off first. Label needed boxes with red tape so they are easier to find.

So whether you are DIY moving or hiring help, moving while pregnant is different from moving any other time in your life. Just a few simple modifications will get you through it so you can keep your focus on the little on on the way.

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