moving during a snow storm

Moving During A Snow Storm: 5 Tips to Save The Day

Moving with clear skies and a temperature of 75 is of course what people hope for on their big day, but with mother nature, you an never be sure what you are going to get. Moving during a snow storm can up the anti and make for a disaster of a move, so here are 5 tips to save the day.moving during a snow storm

Make Sure the Utilities Are Set Up – and working prior to the start of your move. Have someone with a simple car load drive over and turn on the heat and make sure everything is turned on and working well before the move officially begins.

Cover the Floor! – Before anyone moves anything, protect your floor! This will not only prevent damage to your hardwood or carpet, but also protect people from falling!

Shovel and Salt the Drive – that same person who turned on the heat – have them shovel and salt the drive so that way the move can get started right away.

Bring Blankets – If you are moving during a snow storm, chances are people are gonna need to warm up at some point, so make sure that there are plenty of blankets on hand at the old and new house.

Have Warm Beverages on Hand – Even if you throw on a pot of coffee or a crock pot of hot chocolate, it will make all the difference to those helping you move. A 10 minute warm up break with a soothing beverage will warm their soul!

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