Moving Close To Parents

Our culture is rife with cliches about tyrannical mother-in-laws, close minded father-in-laws and everything in between. So most couples and families would be justified in taking a long, hard, reflective moment to consider the ramifications of moving close to parents. And then, maybe taking another long, hard, reflective moment…

But why all of the concern? Shouldn’t you want to their company, especially when you have children? I mean, who doesn’t want to drop the kids off at Grandma’s house and head out for a peaceful meal. Sure, you do.

All of that sounds just peachy.

The reality is that you are making a long term decision. Even if your move is into a rental property or apartment, you will most likely spend a full year there at the very least. If you are purchasing the home, you are in completely different territory.

So it may be wise to consider the pros and cons. Sit with your partner, or by yourself and make a list of the things that could possibly come up.

People have actually suffered the loss of relationships because of close proximity. While others have found they have grown closer, and their children have benefitted from having regular relationships with their grandparents.

The real trick is to establish boundaries and ground rules, such as not coming over unannounced. With the basics in place, it can be positive, but it will be up to you to keep it that way.

Happy moving!

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