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Moving Children’s Toys Damage Free

moving childrens toysParents of young children may sometimes feel like toy hoarders. There can be bins upon bins of colorful items that even a master organizer may struggle to sort into categories — which is all the more reason why you can’t mistreat those precious things that mean so much to your little ones.

Moving children’s toys damage free can be accomplished, but it will take a little up front effort.

Rather than simply fill medium sized boxes with the smaller toys, consider sorting them meticulously first. For instance, battery and non-battery required items. Sort by size, themes such as music or animals, and any other way to make unpacking a breeze.

Battery Operated. Every parent knows that keeping battery operated toys away from water is a must. But there is also machinery and circuitry to consider. Crushing and shaking these toys can also damage their ability to function properly. No one wants to see a disappointed little one with a broken toy.

Moisture Damage. Toys and items that use fabric and other absorbent materials should also be kept from water. Even a small amount of moisture in large storage bins or bags can leave an unseemly odor on stuffed animals and soft toys. Instead, bring them in large cardboard boxes or even trash bags. Unpack them immediately and let them air out to prevent damage.

Neat Freak. The real key is to stratify everything as you pack. Label things in a efficient and easy to unpack manner. Tub toys go into a specific box and are labeled as such. Outside toys are hosed down, dried, and packed together in a more rugged container. Electronics are packed with insulating materials like crumpled newspaper or packing peanuts, and are not placed on the bottom of stacks.

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