Moving Checklist – Things to Consider

moving check listMaking a moving checklist is the simplest way to ensure that you have all of your ducks in a row and reduce your chances of forgetting something important.

There are apps for that! Or you can go old fashion and just use a nice piece of paper and a pen. Personally I like this option cause I can easily see what I am doing, add to it, cross it off, or make notes. No scrolling or logging in involved.

It is best to break it down into categories, to keep things super organized.

Personal Moving Check List

To make your transition easier, make a moving check list of things you and your family will personally need when you get to your new location, before everything is unpacked. Categories include: Bathroom, Kitchen, Personal, Clothes and Documents. A great example for a family can be found at Simple Mom.

To Do Moving Check List

Examples of this include:

Refill Prescriptions
Defrost Freezer, clean fridge and clear pantry
Pack Suitcases
Change Address with all bills and utilities

Moving makes for a good time to clean. Wash the linens, curtains, rugs and dust everything as you go through it.  Moving in with everything clean will make for a nice fresh start and leave everyone feeling good.

Also note that federal law requires that you properly dispose of flammables such as fireworks, cleaning fluids, acids, aerosol cans, propane tanks and poisons such as weed killer. Drain fuel from machinery and discard partly used cans of oil, paint, thinner, bleach, or any other substances that may be flammable. Traveling with these can be unsafe and harmful.

What things do you like to make sure you put on your moving list?  Atmosphere Movers is working on a downloadable checklist, so we appreciate any input for our printable moving checklist! Leave us a comment!