moving bicycles

Moving Bicycles Scratch Free

Making sure your family’s bicycles make it to point B is actually quite a challenge. Bikes are bulky, and can be damaged when stacked. If riding it to your new home is out of the question, you are in for a little work. Moving bicycles properly can be done with some sound advice.

The subject yields a ton of different points of view and advice — all requiring different levels of skill and dedication. From gear heads to dads trying to help the family prepare for a move, there are different ways to pack up bikes. Here are just a few:

Total disassemble. If you are the type of person owns a bike with the approximate value of a used Honda, then you already know. You will take your bike apart and place everything neatly into different cases made for travel. This is ideal, and will help assure that your beloved cycle is not damaged.
moving bicycles
Middle ground.
Okay, so you aren’t ready to take the thing completely apart, but you aren’t afraid to remove the handlebars or pedals. Get the proper sized wrenches, and carefully remove the pedals from the crank and the handle bars from the frame. Save all pieces and place them into shoe boxes. Seal the shoe boxes, then carefully wrap the bike with thick blankets. Tape over several times with duct tape for padding.

Quick and dirty.
The bike may not be worth much, but it may work well. If you aren’t concerned with anything cosmetic, your should at least make sure the spokes don’t get crushed, or that the rims don’t get bent. Bikes with easy release tires are handy for this purpose. Otherwise, you will simply wrap the bike around with moving pads and hope for the best. The movers will be glad to place it in a safe place.

Good luck!