Moving Back Home

The school year is coming to an end and chances are if you are in college you have moved back home for the summer. Or maybe you just graduated and need help getting on your feet. Either way moving back home after being on your own is hard. It’s hard on you and it’s hard on your parents. Here are some tips to help make the process easier and happier for everyone!

Moving Back Home

1. Don’t be a mooch! If you don’t have a job, get one. Even if it’s just part-time. Don’t expect mommy and daddy to pay your way while you do what you want. You’re not 12 anymore. Also if you want the freedom of adult life you need to act like an adult.

2. Talk about expectations and be willing to compromise. Talk to your parents about what they expect from you and tell them what you expect from them. Setting up a formal or informal agreement about privacy, household chores, financial contributions, etc. will make this a happier experience for everyone.

3. Be prepared for your parents to judge you! Yes you are an adult and you have your own life. However, your parents are allowing you to live with them for far less than you can live on your own. So any all night partying, shopping sprees etc. are bound to be judged by them and rightfully so!

4. It’s all about respect! Both parties should be respecting each other’s privacy and personal space. You need to treat your parents, you know the people who raised you, the people who are letting you live with them, with respect. That means none of the teenage back talking, coming home at a respectful hour, calling when you’re going to be late or not coming home, and no whining!

5. Spend time with your parents! Hang out with them, take them to dinner or a movie. Have fun with them and show them you appreciate them letting you live in their house!

6. Have an exit plan! Having a plan in place for when and how you will leave, will make it easier to work towards that goal.

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