Moving 101: The New Neighbors

Things have changed. It may be far removed from reality to expect your neighbor’s wife to show up, apron draped over her dress, with a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies. But moving 101that doesn’t change the curiosity that your new neighbors will have for you and your family as you settle in.

Most people who have lived on a particular street for many years feel a sense of ownership. It’s their neighborhood, and they like things the way they are. They say that good fences make good neighbors, but it seems a friendly wave and smile can work wonders, too.

Taking an extra moment to say hello, and to introduce yourself can break the ice, and help you and your family feel welcomed. If you have children, sometimes they will do it for you. Younger kids will sometimes jump right in and start playing with each other, which is another great way to work in a handshake with a parent to plant the seed of friendliness.

If you feel like going the extra mile, you could have a barbecue and invite all of the people in the immediate area–maybe two house in each direction. Sadly, in today’s world, that approach may be a little overbearing, so you will have to feel it out first.

Either way, once the moving trucks have cleared out, you can find your way into the social scheme of the neighborhood with a little tact, and a lot of smile.

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