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Family Night In: Movies About Moving

movies about movingChildren are incredibly intuitive and keenly aware of their surroundings — sometimes more so than the adults around them! As such, they don’t generally take moving lightly. One way to lighten it up a bit is to have a family night in with a few great movies about moving. It can help spark discussions about the move and hopefully ease some nerves.

The Karate Kid. Yes, the original! It follows “Daniel-san” as he moves from his home town in New Jersey all the way to California. The entire film is about him overcoming being the “new kid” and the way he is perceived by his new schoolmates. If you feel inclined, you could opt for the new film, which has many of the same themes.

Toy Story – This is such a classic and kids can really relate to this funny film that sees toys come to life while little boy, Andy, and his family prepare to move to a new house.

Twilight  – This one kinda goes without explanation. We watch as a teen girl moves to Washington and falls in love with a vampire. Awesome teen angst awaits you.

The Beverly Hillbillies – This one is a funny favorite that parents and kids can both enjoy equally. It will have you on the ground laughing and will lighten the mood for sure!

There are definitely some more movies out there, but these are the top favorites! Pick one of these and you set to mood for a move in no time! Moving is hard on kids, find ways to keep them in the loop, listen to and acknowledge their feelings and make sure they know you understand. All will be settled in due time.

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