Keeping a Move Stress Free

Let’s face it, as exciting as a move can be, it can also be very stressful. if you have kids and/or pets, that definitely adds to the stress factor. Check out our moving tips for keeping your move stress free.

Most of us are not lotto winners and therefor have a budget to adhere to. Most of the time there will be unforeseen costs, such as a flat tire or the cable company having hidden fees. It is best to keep a contingency budget to prevent having to come up with extra cash on a whims notice.

No matter how well you plan, come moving day, most people will still have stuff to pack. You always have more than you think. Start packing a month in advance and store stuff that you can do without in a spare room or the garage. This will make it easier to see what still needs to be done, as well as allow you to better manage your time.

Transferring Services
Most companies will allow you to set up new accounts online and schedule a date of service. If you are moving in the same county, most places will even let you overlap services (in case you need to go back and forth for cleaning or pets). Do what you can online and keep records in a moving file that is easily accessible come moving day.

Unpacking can seem overwhelming, but if you pack in an organized way and start with the essentials (see our post here) then you will be able to function with out running out of essentials, preventing frustration. Take your time unpacking and make it a fun even. Invite family and friends over and order pizza. Build (stress free!) memories in your new home.

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