How To Move Your Cable Service (Charter, Cox, Direct TV)

If you’re preparing to move your cable service in the Baton Rouge area (or anywhere for that matter), you may be a little worried about missing your favorite shows. Never fear, because it really isn’t that complicated with Charter, Cox, or even Direct TV.
move your cable service
Making sure your bills and services are transferred to your new address will prove to be one of the more annoying tasks when moving. All it takes is a little pre-planning to make the move smooth and to avoid any snags.

Here is a quick itemized breakdown of how to move the three major cable provider’s service to your new digs.

1) Charter. This provider has a streamlined site that can point you in the right direction, including exactly which services are offered at your new location. Simply visit this page: and you should be on your way!

2) Cox. Moving cable service in the Baton Rouge area requires a quick visit to this page: From there, you can easily disconnect and reconnect your service in a new location.

3) Direct TV. This provider can be a little more complicated when moving service. The main reason is that it requires a satellite dish to operate, which means the equipment will need to be moved, too. It can be costly to move Direct TV, but if you visit this page:, you will be offered a deal to save on the cost of moving the service.

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