Military Moving Tips For a Smooth PCS Move

PCS MoveChat, the owner of Atmosphere Movers is a Marine Veteran so we have the best Military moving tips to ensure a smooth PCS move. Peak moving season for the military is May through August of each year and so while it is winding down, everyone knows a military move can happen anytime. Check out these helpful tips!

Get Organized, Military Style!

Make a PCS book or binder every time you move and make it fun and exciting with a front cover displaying the new location of where you are going. Research each stop/hotel and pre-book. Create a spreadsheets to track spending.

Create a moving calendar with checklists, phone numbers and any vital moving information.

Make a spreadsheet and number all boxes, Mark what is in each box on your spreadsheet, then print for your binder.
Put all necessary pet paperwork and supplies in a need-it-now bag(s). A rental place will likely say no if you don’t have those vet records and pet references in hand.
Save those boxes!

When you purchase dishes TV’s and electronics new, keep the original boxes and repack for each move. The distributor packs for a safe delivery so it will likely survive another move.

Most importantly hire a reputable moving company, such as Atmosphere Movers. Chat founded the company in 1995 and is a Mandeville, Louisiana native. His trained and professional staff know that each move is hard and some families may be moving for the umpteenth time.  Chat is a family man and relates to the stress of a PCS move, so he ensures that your belongings will be cared for as if you were moving them yourself.

Atmosphere Movers can effortlessly take on any job, moving customers with care within, to or from Louisiana.

Do you have any military moving tips you learned with a PCS move? Leave us a comment below.

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