“I am hoping that you can pass this message along to Chat and anyone else that should be copied. In preparing for our move, we looked into many companies to get quotes for the move. Obviously price was a big reason that we went with Atmosphere it wasn’t the only reason. From the first phone call I made, to the quick response and personal attention we received in the initial process was great. When Chat said it was a flat rate, and all the other companies stated it could fluctuate. Our decision was easy. Over the two days of the move, we had the opportunity to work with Jeremy and his brother. There were two other guys that filled in one in Mandeville and one in Hot Springs, which were good. But, Jeremy and his brother were first class individuals. Jeremy took control of the move and made me feel at ease in what he was doing from the second he walked in the door. There were a few glitches along the way (which is to be expected), but Jeremy handled each situation strategically. He and his brother worked extremely hard, put in long days and nights and even when things did not go the way they wanted. They persevered through the situations and did what ever it took to get the job done. Throughout the whole move, even with temperatures in the 90s, long hours, and a few challenges they never lost their cool or professionalism. Jeremy was always professional, polite, motivated and he has a great sense of humor. Which made the experience extremely fun and memorable. I just want you to know that we appreciate the honest, professional service that we received from Jeremy and his brother.”

– Matt Saweikis