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Long Distance Driving Safety Tips

If you’re relocating from another state or even simply to the other side of your current neck of the woods, it’s critical to get there in one piece. All too often, people become complacent while driving and endanger themselves, their families, and those around them. Following a few long distance driving safety tips can get you there with a smile.

long distance driving safety tipsCar check-up. Before any long distance drive — moving or otherwise — it is mandatory to check the essentials of your car. Older cars require more maintenance on a weekly basis, such as checking oil levels. Newer cars following a maintenance schedule, usually at 15,000 mile intervals with oil changes every 5,000. On all cars, tire pressure should be adequate, washer fluid topped off, and wipers replaced if worn out. You never know what kind of weather you may encounter.

Snacks and drinks. Keeping yourself fed and hydrated will prevent unnecessary stops, and help you use your best judgement by avoiding fatigue. It can also keep anyone you maybe traveling with satisfied so you can make the best time possible.

Being alert and aware. Cracking a window to give you fresh air, which will help to keep you from dozing. If you are feeling drowsy and beginning to nod off, it’s time to pull over for some sleep. Some drivers prefer a hot cup of coffee, while others might opt for a piece of fruit for natural energy. Whatever it takes, be aware of your tolerance for extended driving.

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