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Items Not To Pack

In the frenzied moments during your move, you might think you should pack everything except your car keys. But in fact, there is a method behind what items not to pack.
items not to pack
Too precious for a box. There are some things that you’ll want to have direct control over throughout your move. The feeling of not knowing where these are is enough to throw anyone in a tizzy. So instead, think carefully about items like address books, legal documents, checkbooks, jewelry, computer storage devices, medications. Place them in totes or other bags to be transported by yourself.

Perishable items.Some obvious things just wouldn’t fare well in regular boxes for any duration of time. For example, half-eaten boxes of cookies, plants, and frozen items. If it wouldn’t make it through the process, pack it in a cooler or backpack to be brought straight to your destination.

Just not safe.Certain items are not suitable for moving process unless brought by you with care. Some things like ammunition, fireworks, and fire extinguishers go without explanation. While others like liquid bleach, rubbing alcohol, and batteries might seem somewhat harmless. It’s still much safer to bring these along with you, or dispose of them before you leave.

For safety’s safe, research any item you aren’t sure about before attempting to move it.

Happy moving!

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