how to change your address online

How To Change Your Address Online

how to change your address onlineChanging your address is an essential part of moving, and some times gets over looked. But don’t worry, if you have put it off or forgotten about, it is simple to do.  Update via the Internet and you will be all all set in about 7 minutes. Once you learn how to change your address online

  1. First visits USPS and click “Continue.” You are then promoted to “Agree to their terms.”
  2. Then select whether your move is “Temporarily” or Permanent” and fill out the required information.  Be sure to add each person at the residence, especially if there are different last names.
  3. It will then ask you to prove your identity and confirm.

Yes, isn’t that simple!!?

Please note, mail forwarding can take 7 to 10 Postal business days (from the ‘start date’) to begin arriving. Be sure to change your address with friends, family, creditors, utilities and banks.

To change a business address, submit a Change of Address (COA) with  a regular PS Form 3575 (Change of Address Form) or by submitting an Internet Change of Address (ICOA).

Have you ever forgotten to change your address?

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