How Many Moving Boxes? Atmosphere Movers Tip Of the Week

how many moving boxes
How many moving boxes are needed for your entire house or office? This is always a concern with when relocating. It is always better to have too many boxes as opposed to too few, so planning ahead, setting a schedule and grabbing extra is always a good thing.

Generally you want a good number of small, medium and large boxes with plenty of tape, bubble wrap and/or newspaper and a marker to label each box.


When estimating how many moving boxes are needed, here are some things to keep in mind.

Small boxes are good for bathroom stuff, spice racks, small kitchen items, and fragile items. Medium boxes are best for toys, CD’s and DVD’s and books while large boxes are nice for towels, linens, pillows and other clothes. You don’t want anything too heavy in the large boxes as they become hard to lift and can easily break.

When you estimate how many moving boxes you need, remember to grab extra, especially if you are getting used boxes from stores. Sometimes they break or aren’t that strong and you need more than you think.

Preparation is key to a stress free move so plan ahead and packing one or two boxes of essentials is a good idea. Things to include:

Bath: shower curtain, towels, toilet paper, and toothbrushes along with hotel or sample size toiletries to get you through.

Kitchen: a few utensils, plates, cups, napkins and snacks.

Other: a few sets of clothes and pajamas for each family member and a small first aid kit with bandages, pain medication and regular medications. A few essential cleaning supplies, like disinfecting wipes and paper towels are also a good idea, if you have the room.

Of course if you contact us, we will give you your free moving estimate and also how many moving boxes we believe you need. We will also gladly pack your home or office for you!

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