hiring transport services for Your Pet

Hiring Transport Services for Your Pet

hiring transport services for Your PetA long distance move with pets can be a real challenge so hiring transport services for your pet may be the best option. Moving in general is a huge task, so adding a furry friend into the mix can really get hairy.

Moving alone with a four legged friend may not be a big deal but piling the whole family into a pet friendly hotel room may be just a bit too much to handle during a big move. If that’s the case there are several options to safely transport your furry family member to your new home. And, if your move is work related, it may also be tax deductible.

Ground Transport Service

This is a fantastic option if you have multiple pets, as smaller dogs or cats can be crated together. At the very least they can see each other, which makes for a less stressful environment. The drivers take frequent rest stops to feed, water and stretch your pet(s), so they will not just be cooped up the whole time.

Air Transport Service

With air transport there are a few options. In larger cities, you can typically find a service dedicated to moving animals, so this option is especially nice for international moves. The company will find the airline and make the arrangements for you. Or you can get in touch with the airlines yourself and determine if they can fly as either accompanied baggage or as an unaccompanied air cargo shipment. Generally, the only issues lie with are embargoes and suspensions based on temperatures on the ground at either origin airport, transfer station, or destination airport.

If hiring a transport service for your pet is a consideration, do your research. Look for a reputable business and or airline with good reviews. Your pet will be thankful if you can minimize the stress of the move.

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