hiring cleaners while moving

Hiring Cleaners While Moving

When transitioning yourself or your family to another home, it is essential that both dwellings are squeaky clean. It creates a welcoming feeling when your new house is waiting for you in a tidy state, and it helps the move feel smooth when you lock the door for the final time knowing you couldn’t possibly have left anything behind.

But proper cleaning can mean more than piece of mind. It is also connected to your pocket book. Most renters know that the condition they leave things in will be scrutinized with a fine-toothed comb. Rather than complicate your move with a heavy day or so of cleaning, you can hire professionals to handle the job.

Here are a few critical points to consider when hiring cleaners while moving:
hiring cleaners

Choose a cleaner. As with any financial decision, it’s good to think for a moment before taking the plunge. Interview more than one company, find out the ins and outs the process, and what packages their offer.

Clarity the job. Make sure they understand how many square feet, and what detail work will be involved. If there are any appliances that will need cleaning. These details will amount to major price differences, and it is nice to avoid surprises.

Consider the animals. Don’t leave out any pet damage or pet considerations when receiving a quote. Some companies charge more to clean up pet messes or damage, and this can help you weigh which company will work best for you.

Control your broom. There is no need to clean before the cleaner comes. It may be an instinct for you to make it at least decent before they arrive, but let them do the job from the ground up. It is good, however, to pick up your belongings and put them in their place. Reducing clutter can help them clean quicker, and reach to the bottom of every corner.

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