Moving Expenses

Hidden Moving Expenses You Can Plan For

Moving ExpensesMoving is not cheap and no matter how much you plan, things are going to come up. Setting aside a contingency budget is helpful, but planning for these unexpected things will help as well.

Hidden Moving Expenses

Re-establishing a Home is no going to be an easy task. Rarely can you find your new home on the first search. If it is a local move, count on extra gas, lunch and drink expenses while searching. If it is a long distance move, it make take you two or three flights out to your new location to find a home that fits your needs. You will need to plan for triple the travel expenses. Anything saved will be a bonus.

Insurance – Most moving companies provide basic insurance but if you have valuables or antiques you will likely need to take out extra insurance. Talk with your moving company prior to get an estimate.

Feed Your Help – Having your friends and family help you move is pretty traditional. Everyone calls for help at some point.  Even if it is just to take the kids to the park or the dogs for a walk. But it’s common courtesy to at least feed them as payment. Don’t forget to take in to consideration meals you can’t (or are too exhausted to) cook.

Always have a contingency – you never know when a flat tire, a blown gasket or a toilet overflow will happen. It is best to be prepared and not stress on how to come up with money when cash is already tight.

Check out this post on how to set a budget and stick to it for more money saving ideas!

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