Moving in with Friends

Ground Rules For Moving In With Friends

Ground Rules For Moving In With FriendsSummer is here and many may be looking for a roommate. What sounds better than moving in with your best bud? Living with someone is very different than hanging out, and things can get hairy pretty quickly. Here are some ground rules to hash out before you settle in.

Ground Rules For Moving In With Friends

Set up a coffee date to see if you and your friend are on the same page. If not, see what is negotiable. If you can’t work things out here, you probably aren’t a good roommate match.

  1. When is quiet time on weeknights and weekends? What about exam week or the night before a meeting at work?
  2. Are pets allowed? How long can guest crash on the couch, or can significant others stay? These are issues that need to be addressed prior to moving in.
  3. Who is responsible for cleaning what and when?
  4. How will you split groceries?
  5. What are shareable household items? What is completely off limits?
  6. How will you decorate? how will you split furniture cost and who takes it when it’s time to move out?

Keeping an open dialogue is very important, so be sure you are moving in with someone who isn’t confrontational and will be open to discussion.

We have a more in depth post here which gives ideas on how to organize and plan, ensuring everything is fair.

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