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Garage Advantages Outweigh Cost

It’s totally indisputable that having a garage for your vehicle(s) is ideal, but it will add to the price of a prospective new home. Even a modest house with a garage will carry a relatively higher price tag than one with a simple driveway. The fact is, the garage advantages far outweigh the difference in cost.

If you’re fortunate enough to have the option and the means of owning or renting a home with a garage versus one without, there are plenty of ways to rationalize it the additional price.

Safety. People say safety first for a reason — it actually must come first. In that vein, it’s impossible to deny the security of entering and exiting your vehicle inside a closed garage. It also offers more safety for the vehicle and the possibility of theft, but that is for another garage advantagessubheading.

Weather. From Florida all the way to Washington state, the weather plays a role in the life of the car. The relentless Florida sun tears up paint and tires, and splits interiors after enough exposure. In certain areas, the street to street flooding can rise up the bottom of car doors in a hurry. In cold weather states, the ridiculous wind and ice beats the life out of your cars engine and exterior.

Investment. Money talks, but sometimes it speaks a different language. This time, we’re talking about spending more up front if possible, to protect the investment of you made in your vehicle. Preserving the resale value of your car is paramount, and is much easier to do when your in a controlled environment. Besides, you will likely save even on simple things like car washes when the car is under a secure roof.

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