Outdoor activities in New Orleans

Free or Cheap Outdoor Activities in New Orleans

Free and Cheap Outdoor Activities in New OrleansNew Orleans is a wonderful place to live, full of music, great food and there is always something to do! We put together this great list of free or cheap outdoor activities in New Orleans that one MUST do! Explore the city, take in the culture and most of all have fun!

1. Hike in City Park: Did you know City Park had hiking trails? They do! Explore the nature of your new home by hiking inside the city at City Park! It’s beautiful there.

2. Explore the French Quarter: The Quater has more to offer than just Bourbon St., in fact if you have only seen Bourbon St. you haven’t seen the Quater or New Orleans. Go visit Jackson Square, take a hike with the National Park Ranger, shop at the French Market, watch the boats on the Mississippi River, eat beingets at Cafe Du Monde, have a meal and a drink in one of the many resturant courtyards, take a haunted history tour or a carriage ride. The French Quarter can be as expensive as you make it!

3.  Take a street car ride: See the Avenue and the beauty of the houses or take a ride to the cemetaries, along the river, or to City Park on one of New Orlean’s famous street cars. Only 1.25 a ride (one way), it’s a cheap way to see the city and get around!

4. Have a snowball: Snowballs are the best thing about summer in New Orleans. Sweet syrup over finely shaved ice! Everyone has a favorite place so explore and try them all!

5. Visit one of the art markets: New Orleans is known for its local artist and if there is one thing we do here it’s support our local businesses. One way to do that is visit an art market and get to know the artist that live and work here and maybe purchase some great local art.

6. Stroll down Magazine St.: Full of small local shops, boutiques and resturants a stroll down Magazine is a must for anyone new to the city.

Wanting to venture out more? Take a ride across Lake Pontchartrain and explore the Northshore.

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