Free and Cheap Moving Boxes

get free moving boxes

Free and cheap moving boxes are always in demand, because, well, who doesn’t like to save money. Especially during a move.  So here are some tips on finding free and cheap moving boxes for your upcoming move.

Free Moving Boxes

Check with your local grocery store and retail outlets. Often times they will save boxes for you or tell you what time they unload for you to come pick some up. These can be great because they come in all sizes and strengths.

Tip – stay away from the paper towel and toilet paper boxes. They break easily and cannot hold anything of weight.

Look on Craigslist – people regularly post when they have boxes and you can just swing by to pick them up.

There are now companies that rent out plastic bins. This is a great option because they offer drop off and pick up services. If you move often, consider purchasing these boxes your self. They make for great storage and you can reuse them as often as needed.

Need help packing? Atmosphere Movers offers professional packing services as well as cheap moving boxes.

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