make packing less stressful

Five Ways to Make Packing Less Stressful

Moving is stressful, hard and exhausing. We are counting down five ways to make packing less stressful so you can enjoy your last few days in your old home making memories!

Five Ways To Make Packing Less Stressful

5. Have the Right Supplies – Start by gathering up the right supplies. Tape, labels, markers, scissors, and of course boxes. By having the right supplies available and on hand, you’ll save time and energy.

4. Start Early – Start packing as soon as you know you are moving. Starting early means you have more time to pack in an organized and careful manner. This will also save you time when it’s time to unpack.

3. Purge It – If you haven’t used it in a year or you wouldn’t buy it today, then throw it out or donate it. William Morris once said “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” Use this as you go about purging your belongings. The more you get rid of the less you have to pack and move.

Stephanie packing another one of our satisfied, repeat customers.

Stephanie packing another one of our satisfied, repeat customers.

2. Don’t Pack The Essentials –  Picture this: You’re on a roll packing and you pack up everything. Only to realize you need it two days later,so you have to unpack and then eventually you have to repack. That would be stressful right? Set aside anything you think you will need before your move, save packing those for last and label them clearly so you can find them first.

1. Hire Us – Hire Atmosphere Movers to pack for you! We are a full service moving company in the New Orleans area and we provide a packing service for our customers. Let us do all the work, making it less stressful for you. Get your FREE quote  or  call (866) 7MOVE-ME / (866) 766-8363 or email