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Are Energy Efficient Homes Worthy Investments?

If you have the luxury of choosing between several homes, you may want to invest your hard earned bucks into one that was either built energy efficient, or has been upgraded. But for those who are more budget inhibited, it may become a cost-benefit analysis that will end in a toss up.

In the so-called “warm states” like Louisiana, cooling is a major concern. When most people think of energy efficiency, they think of cold air conditioner. It’s extremely frustrating to deal with a hot day, old, crank open windows, and the feeling that your paycheck is literally drifting out the efficient homes

According to the US Dept of Energy website, there are other ways to rig windows to be more energy efficient, but they also encourage people to consider the newer windows as a long term investment that pays.

You can also go “all out” and seek out a new home that is certified energy efficient. Some companies claim their certified homes can save you thousands over a period of less than a decade. There is a higher up front cost, but it can pay you back as you go.

Aside from the normal concerns about money, there is the simple comfort factor. It is naturally more comfortable to know that your home is going to be consistent when it comes to temperature and lighting. With the more modernly built homes, the efficiency they provide allows you to have more control over the environment as a whole, keeping it just the way you like it.

And finally, making the investment will also give you the great feeling that you are being a good steward of the Earth.

Best of luck!

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