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Downsizing to a Smaller Home

People downsize to a smaller home for many different reasons: kids get older and move out, to save money, to lower utility bills or because they feel like it. Whatever the reasons, these tips for downsizing to a smaller home should help you do it with ease.

First you need to measure your new space or determine what type of space you would like to downsize to. Then you should make lists of the things you must keep and one of the things you would like to donate or sell. Once an item makes one of these lists, it stays there, there is no room for maybes. Then it’s time to let it go!

Don’t tackle the whole house at one time. Take it room by room, area by area. Separate everything into four piles: keep; sell; donate; trash. If you haven’t used it in a year, wouldn’t buy it today or don’t need it, get rid of it.

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Before donating or selling an item, check with family members to see if they would like to have it first. Sometimes something unimportant to you, could mean the world to a sister, child, mother, cousin etc. For donations, you can donate to a lot of local charities, such as Bridge House and the Metropolitan Center for Women and Children. You can also ask churches and schools if they could use the item or know a family in need that could. For items, you want to sell you can have a garage sale. Be sure to check your city or Parish codes in case you need a permit. You can also sell online at sites such as Craigslist and Varagesale.

Now that you have decluttered and decided what can fit and will come with you to your new smaller home, it’s time to schedule your movers! For moving in New Orleans, you can call (866) 7MOVE-ME / (866) 766-8363, email Info@AtmosphereMovers.com, or fill out this nifty little form for a FREE quote from Atmosphere Movers!

We hope your new smaller home is everything you dreamed it would be!