downsizing moving tips

Downsizing Moving Tips

These days many families are officially downsizing. That could mean many things. But large or small, all downsizing moves share a handful of common issues and concerns that call for some expert advice.

Give up useless items. The first downsizing moving tips that all experiences movers will give you are about giving up old belongings. If possible, convince a loved one to sit with you and help you decide what to part with and what to keep. Sure, your friends and neighbors pretend not to be frightened by your bobble-head kitty collection, but it may not hurt to let a few of them go. If you are legitimately downsizing, this is a great first place to start, but it is the most painful.
downsizing moving tips

Moving Economics. Another real concern for downsizers is the cost of moving. Nearly all families seeking to cut expenses and downsize will be concerned with the bottom line. Make sure to chart out all of your predicted moving costs; the cost of packing supplies, etc. Don’t get caught in a situation where the downsizing does ore harm than good.

Bill redux.
Prior to your move, it may help to run some additional calculations. Be certain the location you plan to move will not have any hidden costs. If the new home is smaller, you can expect heating and cooling savings. If you don’t need landscaping at the new home, that is another bill to scratch off the list. Redo your budget as a projection of the new home and your other bills. It will help to justify the move and the trouble you go through.

Good luck!

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