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Creative Ways To get Moving Day Help

Creative Ways To get Moving Day HelpMoving day can be a challenge for anyone, and most people need help of some sort or another. Make it fun with these creative ways to get moving day help!

Facebook Event

Seriously, if it is Facebook official and a large group of your friends are “invited” then a few will feel obligated to help. Especially one they see others RSVPing. Make it fun, tell them you want to do it party style with music and food. Who can resist?

Make Moving Day Website

Hop on a free blog such as Blogger or and create a cute little site for your big day. List all of the details – date, time, place, needs and wants and then add a Sign Up form such as Sign Up Genius. People will love your creativity!

Old Fashion Invites

Sticking with the party them here – send out an invite to help you make your big move. Use a cute party invite with the details and a number to RSVP. Also mention the food and fun.


Finding help during a move can sometimes be a challenge but if you are willing to make it an experience and step up your game with some creativity, people will be more likely to hop on board. Who knows, you may even end up with too many helpers!

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