Crating Your Dog For The Drive

Let’s face it: we sometimes treat out dogs like humans. We hug them, kiss them, and heck, we even ride around town with them. There is nothing cuter than a dog with his slobbery tongue hanging out of a cracked car window as it passes you.

But not crating your dog is just plain dangerous.

On a long drive, it’s likely that you will be on the highway or interstate. That means higher speeds, more traffic, and of course, a higher likelihood of injury in the case of an accident.
Dog expert Cesar Millan has a few pointers to keep you and your pooch safe for the drive.

1) Make sure your dog is well exercised before crating. This will keep them from getting too antsy.
2) Keep the dog’s crate clear of dangerous objects that can injure the dog in case of a collision or sudden stop.
3) Keep your energy positive. Millan says that if you project positive energy onto the situation your dog will pick up on it.
4) Re-check on the dog in about fifteen minutes.

Even though you would love to have your dog in the front with you, or even just snuggled in the backseat, experts suggest that you don’t let your personal feelings about crating get in the way of safety.

Have a safe trip!