Covington, Louisiana Heavy Equipment Movers

Just as each move is unique, each item we move also has its own special requirements. For the most part, packing the contents of a household is easy and relatively standard with the required packing materials on hand. However, when it comes to moving unique items of value or heavy weight, a different set of rules applies.

At Atmosphere Movers, we’re specialized equipment movers. With over twenty years of experience, from packing to transport and unpacking, we know exactly how to customize the relocation of uniquely valuable and/or heavy items. Read on to find out exactly what types of equipment and items Atmosphere Movers can help you relocate safely and efficiently.

Pianos Moving Services

Moving pianos takes extra care and not only because they are inherently expensive items. At Atmosphere Movers, we know that moving pianos is more than simply getting them from point A to point B without a scratch. Pianos come in varying shapes, sizes and weights, which means moving them takes individualized care and expertise to ensure safe and appropriate transport.

We are also aware that as pianos are made of high-quality wood components, storing them at the appropriate temperature and humidity during transport is key to delivering them in pristine condition.

Antiques & Fine Art Moving Services

Antiques and fine art are inherently valuable and fragile, which is why we give these items extra care and attention while moving. During our initial consultation, we identify all special items which may require extra care in transporting.

In the case of items such as statuary, fine china, mirrors or paintings, we may recommend customized crating, which is made to measure for your unique items. Our temperature-controlled trucks and storage facilities ensure the appropriate environment for your valuables.

Office Equipment & Electronics Moving Services

Relocating an office can be hard work, but with Atmosphere Movers, it doesn’t have to be stressful. We not only pack up your existing office furniture but also ensure that all your electronics such as PCs and printers are safely and tidily packed away, ready for set up in your new office. Provide us with a floorplan for your new office space and our movers will put everything in its proper place, helping you get ready for business as usual.

While setting up an office sounds simple, setting it up safely, especially when it comes to setting up electronic equipment, takes professional expertise. Our professional equipment movers not only know how to properly move and set up electronics but also ensure the safety of anyone who handles them later.

Lab Equipment Moving Services

For those who don’t know, lab equipment may not sound like anything more than a few test tubes and Petri dishes, but Atmosphere Movers knows all the nuances that go into transporting a laboratory.

Specialized equipment such as centrifuges, lasers, and X-ray machines all require special care to ensure that they arrive safely at their destination. Have your new lab’s floorplan ready and we will unpack and set up everything to get you up and running in no time.

Heavy Equipment Moving Services

Heavy equipment can encompass a lot of things including, agricultural machines or even gym equipment. Despite many items falling into this category, it is key to remember that each item still requires bespoke treatment when transporting.

Atmosphere’s specialized heavy equipment movers also know that just because something is heavy doesn’t mean it is large. We are happy to help you find solutions for heavy items of all sizes. So, no matter what you need to move, if it is heavy rest assured, we know how to handle it.

Why Choose Atmosphere Movers?

With over twenty years of experience, Atmosphere Movers is the top relocation company in the Covington, Louisiana area. We have moved thousands of happy customers all over the country and have a repeat business rate of 95%.

Whether you’re making a local move or require long-distance relocation services, we are here to provide you with the most affordable and efficient moving services in the state. With our transparent pricing structure, you never have to worry about hidden costs. We ensure that all our quotes include the full costs of our end-to-end services.

If you are in the New Orleans area and need help moving specialized items, do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote today!