Consider The Trees: Moving Tips

Everyone has a friend or family member who suffers from the massive onslaught of leaves during the Fall. They can rake until their hands are covered in blisters, but the leaves always win out. So, which is better, having good tree coverage, or saving the trouble? Consider the trees when moving, it’s a bigger deal than you think.

Consider The Trees: Moving Tips

There are two sides to the dry, brown leaves.

Toiling with those black plastic bags, which usually rip and tear as you haul them to the curb is simply a symptom of having good tree cover. If you are in a warm weather state, that towering tree is saving you big money. It can even give your children something to climb, sit under, dream by, and swing from. The leaves are the not so enjoyable, but a good tree can weave its way a child’s memories.

On the other side of the pollen-infused coin is the homes with little to no tree cover. This is increasingly prevalent in areas where new homes are being built. They are often thrown up quickly after a nice, solid bull-dozing and land clearing. The result is a nice clean lot, but even after having trees shipped in on flatbed trucks, the roof is mercilessly exposed to the elements. That can mean anything from tiles being beaten by sun, to electric bills soaring. The real benefit is in the savings of paying a lawn service or a local teenager to rake. There is also savings as it relates to trimming, and of course, the occasional limb falling on property. Those things can be damaging to pocket books, cars, and structures.

The decision is yours, but it is yet another thing to consider.