packing mistakes

Common Packing Mistakes: Moving Tips

Every move is a different animal. Some are quick and seamless, and some seem to drag on forever. But for many people, the most unfortunate reminder of a tough move comes in the form of lost or damaged property. If you can avoid common packing mistakes, you will  reduce the chances of having the experience.
packing mistakes

Proper boxing. Of course your instinct is to cram as many related items into a large box, and seal them until they arrive safely at point B. This is a dangerous concept that has lead to many comical moments, and most likely tears. Not only can the box break and leave you with damaged items, but it can also injure you as you shift them around. Try to keep your boxes down to less than fifty pounds to avoid this pitfall.

Proper padding. Some items will need bubble wrap, and others will require packing peanuts. Others will need the stackable convenience of newspaper. The wrong choice of packing materials will most certainly lead to disaster for your items, and even your day. Instead, use a healthy combination of common sense and research to determine which choice to go with for each box.

Proper labeling. It’s common sense, but it’s time consuming. Taking the time to label things properly is a way of paying it forward during your move. When you are exhausted, and have that celebratory glass of wine in your hand, it will be crucial. More work in the beginning means more play at the end.

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