Cleaning After Leaving A Rental Property

cleaning rental property

Cleaning after leaving a rental property is important! The one thing that many people dread more than packing, is cleaning during moving. But it is a necessary evil; one that can actually save you money if done right. If your leaving an apartment, you know that it will be inspected with a fine-toothed comb — most likely by someone with a clipboard — to make sure that you have cleaned every nook and cranny. And we all know that they can sometimes hold on very tightly to your security deposit, lest they feel the need to “charge” a cleaning fee. It is maddening, but it is part of the game nonetheless.

Avoiding Fees

So to avoid having any fees accrued after leaving your soon to be former residence, you can do an extremely thorough job cleaning. This isn’t your typical weekend cleaning job, this one requires you to dig a little deeper.

In the case of rental properties, you are most likely bound by contract to make sure it is clean and nearly perfect. During a typical cleaning day, you might sweep, mop, vacuum, dust, declutter, and bleach and break down the bathroom and kitchen. But after a move, when your former home is completely empty, there is much more to be done.

Window ledges, curtains, base boards — all must be cleaned. But wait, there’s more!

If you are leaving a corporately owned apartment, you are the most likely to incur fees for not cleaning properly. They expect you to follow certain guidelines that believe it or not, you probably signed a consent (contract) for. In that case, it is extremely helpful to go to the apartment office and ask someone to walk through and point out what you should focus on. Usually carpets have a “life” span, meaning, they are going to last a certain number of years. If you stain it badly enough, the apartment complex will have to replace it and you will be charged. Whereas if you take good care of it, and maybe even steam clean it, they won’t feel the need. Sometimes you will get lucky and it will be the same year that the “life” of the carpet expires, and they will replace it anyway. These are all things that the leasing office workers can tell you.

You will need to degrease and clean the stove and oven, and you will need to clean and clear the fridge, but for the most part, the larger apartment complexes don’t expect you to patch walls. If you hammered a nail or drive a screw into a wall, they usually patch, sand, and paint them for you. The only catch? You are charged a “painter’s fee.”

Either way, make sure you are prepared when moving from a rental property.

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