Cities Or Suburbs: Moving Tips

If a job relocation or family situation is pointing to an eventual, yet inevitable move, you may be faced with a major decision: move within the city limits of a municipality, or settle outside the limits in a suburban area. Cities or suburbs? Moving choices are hard, but worth pondering.

Cities Or Suburbs: Moving Tips

There is a multitude of pros and cons on either side, and an even larger collection of opinions that might leave you undecided.


Cities like Baton Rouge, LA enjoy the many benefits of urban areas. A diverse population, a major public university, SEC sports teams, and so on. Large concerts and other forms of entertainment will travel through the area, utilizing the arenas built for, say, the LSU basketball team. Living within the city limits can be costly, but affords residents access to public transportation and short drive times to work. There is typically a higher crime rate, which forces pockets of upper class urban dwellers into somewhat isolated neighborhoods. The class divide is usually glares in sharper contrast on the surface than in suburban areas.


Taking the thirty minute drive from a suburban area into the city has become part of the daily grind for millions of Americans. It often gets you more house, and less riff-raff. But the side-effect is generally a lack of culture and diversity. Many complain that the houses are “cookie-cutter,” but the upside is that people are usually forced to care for the facades of their homes. It is a great way to raise children, with roads that can sometimes have less traffic. Making your way into town for shows, concerts, or for certain restaurants can get exhausting. The schools tend to be higher performing than in urban areas, but sometimes lack the history of established city schools.

Ultimately the decision is yours, but with the right research, either choice can be wise.

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