Moving With Young Children: Child Proofing Essentials

By now most parents know that we are in a paranoid era – and for good reason. Parents lock cabinets, put up semi-permanent gates, and put doorstoppers onto doors like it’s nobody’s business.

Those in the older generation love to chuckle as new parents spend hundreds of dollars “baby-proofing” their homes. But the fact remains: tragic accidents happen regularly that could easily have been prevented with proper baby proofing.

People moving into new homes have a wonderful opportunity. They can start absolutely fresh with their safety efforts.

The first place to start is with the entryway of each room. If there are steps up and down, they could pose a major hazard for a child. The major factor is their age. If they are younger than one, you will need to consider using simple, temporary gates at any entry way with a single step up or down.

Staircases must be completely blocked, ideally with semi-permanent gates that affix to the walls with special brackets. Most even close behind you automatically with a spring to avoid accidentally leaving them open.

Cabinets will need special locks that have clasps, which can be undone by sliding a finger under them. They can be mounted on the insides of each cabinet door, and are much too difficult for young children to open.

Consider removing doors that are unnecessary. But if privacy is needed, there are special rubber stoppers that hug the inside part of the door (next to the frame) to prevent little fingers from being severely injured.

Doorknob locks can be purchased for next to nothing. They should be used on interior and exterior doors that have anything dangerous for the baby behind them. They only open when thumbs are placed in special holes, or when enough pressure is applied.

Medicine needs to be especially cared for. Locking boxes can be purchased and kept up high. The extra frustration of opening them every time will only serve to remind you of how dangerous medicines are for little ones.

Household chemicals are a major hazard, and sometimes even resemble candy (dish washing packets). Those must be locked in cabinets with cabinet locks. Don’t assume you will always have an eye on a child. They can move quickly and do something in a flash that can put their lives in danger.

Your move gives you the wonderful chance to leave no stone unturned. With enough effort, you could spend the first weekend in your new abode without batting an eyelash over the safety of your little one(s). Good luck!

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