Get To Know Owner Chat Stockstill

chat stockstillWhen making a move, and pondering who will be handling those items that you’ve brought along with you for your life’s journey, there are some built in credibility checks that should help you. A decade of armed service, and seventeen years in the moving business are hard to dispute.

No one in the Louisiana moving business knows more about dedication to service than owner Chat Stockstill, whose ten years in the services culminated with the rank of Gunnery Sergeant. Prior to founding the company in 1995, Chat was a proud member of our Armed Forces. His leadership experience and character were hammered out during his ten years of service in the United States Marine Corp.

When you consider that you probably own certain things that even your closest friends would be hard pressed to borrow, choosing a moving company becomes a critical decision. Your belongings make up who you are, they carry memories, love, and monetary value. The decision of who will be looking after your things as they are packed, loaded, unloaded, and maybe even unpacked is critical.

That’s why background is everything. At Atmosphere Movers, we’ve built up a substantial word of mouth following because we’re dedicated to treating every move like it was our own.

A trusted veteran owned family business isn’t made overnight. It takes many, many successful moves and even more satisfied customers to ear that proud title. But running a thriving moving business isn’t enough. Chat has also carved out time to give back to their community by supporting schools and community events and offering up Atmosphere’s muscle for the greater good.

Along with muscle, Chat and the Atmosphere moving team bring character and integrity to the Louisiana moving market.

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