7 Ways to Protect Your Belongings During a Move

Moving is exciting, yet stressful. Just think about it as the next chapter of your life! Keeping your items safe and secure when you hire a moving company in New Orleans is very important while moving; no matter if you are moving across the town or state. Here is a list of ideas to keep your items protected during the move.

1. Secure the Valuable Items First
Remember that only you or your trusted ones should move the bank records, depository, computer, cell phone, jewelry, or other important items while moving. You might not want others to have a look at your personal documents, too. Keeping them with you will prevent them from getting lost among the boxes you have packed.

2. Theft Prevention
It is not a good idea to post or share selfies of your valuables on social media. It might sound like common sense, but this is one method the thieves use to go to your home and attempt to burglarize. Stay off social media for the duration of your move; it is nobody’s business except yours.

3. Take Inventory
Keep a record of all the belongings that you are moving with. You can take quick photos of the items before putting them in the boxes. Make sure your Slidell moving company has a physical copy of the list, if needed. This will come in handy for insurance purposes.

4. Speaking of Insurance…
Your moving company might promise you the full value replacement for anything they break or damage. Yet, you should take precaution and sign up for ‘full value replacement insurance’ with your private insurer, just to be on the safe side.

5. Packing Well
Before you move, pack your belongings with the best suppliers, so that you can move simply and painlessly. Use sturdy boxes, heavy-duty tape and mark each box clearly with the room it should go in to ensure the security of your items.

6. Oversee the Movers
If you are using a Covington moving company, you can help them by politely offering instructions. Stay out of their way, but be available in case they have questions about any of your belongings that are pre-packed and ready to load on the moving truck.

7. Respect Goes a Long Way
It goes without saying that your Louisiana moving company will be happy if you treat them with respect. Keep communications on a professional level and your LA movers will also go the extra mile to ensure your valuable items make it safely to their destination.

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Getting Your Pets Ready for a Move

Whether it’s when you box up the cat toys or pack up the dog bed, at some point, your four-legged friends are going to notice a major change is afoot. Just like humans must get ready for a move, your furry friends also need help in preparing for a change in living spots.

Moving can be a challenge for pets, who have grown used to their territory, but there are a few steps you can take to make the switch as stress-free as possible for your furry buddies:

moving furry friends

Get your furry friends used to their carriers and crates

If your pet is not used to a carrier or crate, begin introducing these items slowly, well in advance of your move. Here are some great ways to get them accustomed to these spaces: Leave the crate or carrier door open and allow the pet to explore at their pace. Make the carrier inviting by including soft blankets, special treats and familiar toys. Next, have pets stay in the carrier or crate for brief periods of time. It’s also good to take the pet on car rides in the carrier or crate to get them used to traveling.

Allow furry friends to roam freely during packing

While it can be tempting to keep pets confined while packing, keeping them away from the activity can actually increase their anxiety. Instead of closing pets into a room or their new carrier or crate, let cats and dogs be part of the packing process by allowing them to roam freely, sniffing and investigating the boxes and bags.

Familiarize dogs with new smells

Just as humans like to view a new home before moving, dogs like to get a good whiff of their new digs. Taking dogs for a visit to the new home or a walk around the new neighborhood can help canines adjust to the switch in living situations. If a pre-move visit to the new area is not possible, try to get an item from the new home for the dog to smell. A familiarity with these different scents can help a dog feel more comfortable in a new setting.

Make sure shots and info are up-to-date

An important part of prepping pets for a move is ensuring their shots are up-to-date and that they are wearing the required tags before you travel. Pet tags should be updated to include your new address and other contact information. Also be sure to keep copies of your furry friends’ veterinary records at hand for easy access when checking into a motel or boarding a plane. It’s also a good idea to find a new veterinarian before moving, in case of emergency.

Consider your pet’s comfort

Whether you’re taking a short ride or a long trip to your new home, make sure you bring plenty of pet food, water, treats, toys, and blankets to make your pet’s journey as comfortable as possible. A well-fed, content animal makes a much better traveling companion.

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Jazzfest: Best Festival Foods

A new and popular Jazzfest food is the praline beignet.

Jazzfest: Best Festival Foods

If you’ve never been to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about the city. Of course, you will have your choice of music with hundreds of acts spread out over the two weekends of the festival, but what you may not realize is that Jazzfest offers some of the finest local flavors around. Fans of both sweet and savory items will find something to suit their taste buds. Just one word of caution…if you’re accustomed to hamburgers and hot dogs at festivals, you’re going to have to be a bit riskier at the fairgrounds.

Traditional Local Fare

If traditional Louisiana fare is what you are most comfortable with, you will not be disappointed. You’ll find jambalaya, shrimp and oyster po-boys, red beans and rice, gumbo, and crawfish of many varieties. Crawfish Monica, a pasta dish made with crawfish and a cream sauce is a crowd pleaser.

Foods For the Adventurous

Feeling a little more adventurous? Try the alligator pie or a fried gator po-boy. Another Jazzfest favorite is the crawfish bread. If you’re a sausage fan, the boudin balls are always popular. One of the most talked about items is the cochon de lait po-boy – shredded roast beef with cole slaw served on french bread. The line is always long for this tasty item.


For you dessert lovers, JazzFest has you covered, as well. A popular item, on hot days in particular, is the mango freeze, which happens to be located near the misting tent for a bonus cool-down. New Orleans is known for its traditional bread pudding with rum sauce, and you will find it at the fairgrounds, as you might expect. Also available are pralines of many varieties and flavors, and a fairly new item, the praline beignet, which combines two New Orleans favorites into one delectable dessert.


To quench your thirst, you will find fresh squeezed lemonade, strawberry lemonade, herbal teas, as well as soft drinks, water, beer and wine. You may bring in one unopened bottle of water per fest-goer, but no other outside beverages are allowed.

Many other items are available as well, so make sure you make a lap around the grounds before deciding what to get.

The second weekend of the festival begins this Thursday and continues through Sunday evening, so get out there and enjoy some great music and some of the finest festival food on the planet.

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