Ten New Orleans Recipes For Your Housewarming Party

You just moved into your dream home and you can’t wait to show it off to family and friends. Here are ten great New Orleans recipes for your housewarming party, that will be sure to please your guest.

ten new orleans housewarming party recipes

1. Roast Beef Po’Boys – cut your bread into mini sandwiches and you have the perfect New Orleans finger sandwich for your guest.

2. Red beans and rice are always a favorite. This slow cooker recipe looks easy to fix and forget while you prep for your party.

3. Cut up some French bread into dipping size pieces and make this hot pepperoni muffuletta dip.

4. Or make up a recipe of BBQ Shrimp to go with that French bread!

5. This spicy crab dip would also be perfect with French bread, or you could just make all three dishes!

6. Everyone loves chicken wings, and these grilled Cajun wings will be a crowd pleaser!

7. Don’t forget dessert! How about some mini beignets?

8. Or these yummy pecan praline bars?

9. Or some classic bread pudding for your guest to enjoy?

10. A classic hurricane to wash all that yummy food down will help your guest get into a festive party mood!

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New Neighbor Welcome Gifts

Life is so busy we sometimes forget to meet and get to know our neighbors. We found these great new neighbor welcome gifts that will help you get to know your new neighbors!

New Neighbor Welcome Gifts

1. Everyone can use vanilla in their lives! Wow your neighbors with this homemade vanilla.

2. Make them a welcome basket like this one filled with a few essentials they may need for the first night in their new home.

3. Help them relax after a stressful move with some spiced tea!

4.  They will have a great morning with these gourmet coffees!

5. This peppermint foot soak will help their tired feet after moving all day!

6. Coasters make a great gift! You can make these alcohol ink ones or these tile ones or these stenciled cork ones!

7. Another great gift to help them relax and have their new home smelling nice are these aromatherapy candles!

8. There is always making your new neighbors your favorite pie or cookies!

Whatever you decided, don’t be shy! Go over introduce yourself and make friends with your new neighbors!

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14 Perfect Desserts For Your Housewarming Party

You’re all moved in and settled and ready to show off your new home! Here are 14 perfect desserts for you to make for your housewarming party!

14 perfect desserts for your housewarming party


1. You can bake these little blueberry cakes in the mason jar! How cute?

2. Wow your friends with these Nutella Oreo Brownie Bites! YUM!

3. Do you love chocolate covered cherries? How about a chocolate covered cherry cake?

4. Kids will love these candy coated marshmallows!

5. Another cute cake in a mason jar that could double as a party favor! If your guest don’t eat it all!

6. You don’t need to wait for Valentine’s Day to make these strawberry vanilla cupcakes!

7. Or St. Patrick’s Day for these Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes with Bailey’s Frosting!

Housewarming Party Desserts

8. This Key Lime Cheesecake is perfect for a summer housewarming!

9. So is this Easy Peach Pie,

10. and this Berry Tarlet!

11. Make some no bake cheesecake bars, yummy and easy!

12. This Snickers Carmel Apple Pie is perfect for fall or any time of year.

13. You can’t go wrong with cheesecake, try this vanilla bean cheesecake for your party!

14. Last but not least, another cute mason jar cake!

Looking for more ideas for your housewarming party? Check out our post on housewarming party ideas and ideas to through a Louisiana housewarming party!

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Getting To Know Your New Neighborhood

Getting to Know Your New NeighborhoodIt’s almost moving day and everyone is excited! New house, possibly new furniture and a new neighborhood to explore. Chances are you are going to need something on moving day, and you don’t want to get stuck not knowing where anything is located. So pull up Google Maps or if you are close by, take a drive and explore your new neighborhood.  Here are a few places we think you should find before you move!

The first thing you should probably find is food. Chances are on moving day everyone is going to be hungry and too tired to cook. Not to mention your belongings are still all packed in boxes. So find out where the closest pizza place or fast food restaurant is located. Talk to your new neighbors and ask them what their family’s favorite local take out place is and directions to get there! Speaking of food, you should also locate the closest grocery store for getting essentials that you need for your new home.

Even if you aren’t the handiest of people, you should locate the local hardware store. This way you can get everything you need such as nails, paint, dryer vents, etc., before you begin to unpack and set things up.

The next place you should locate is the neighborhood drug store or pharmacy. This way, if you need basic first aid or OTC medication you know how to where to get it quickly. Speaking of first aid, you may also want to locate the nearest urgent care and ER. You never know what could happen!

If you have children, you should probably locate the neighborhood school. Take mock trips so you can estimate how long the drive or walk is for drop offs before the first day. Another good place to find is the nearest playground, not only for playing and running off excess energy, but for sports, classes and other recreational activities.

Finding where things are located will help the transition to your new home go smoothly and be less stressful.

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