Books about Moving for Children

Books for Children About Moving

Moving is stressful and sadly kids pick up on our stress. Not to mention a packing up all of their belongings, leaving friends and schools can cause anxiety. One of the best ways to help children deal with the idea of moving or any stressful subject is through reading! Here are some of our favorite books for children about moving.

Childrens Books About Moving

Big Ernies New Home: A Story for Children Who Are Moving by Teresa and Whitney Martin  – Recommended ages 2-6 . Big Earnie is a cat who is having a hard time with a move but learns how to cope with his feelings with the help of his friend. This book helps children deal with the emotions that come with moving such as being scared, sad and angry.

Boomer’s Big Day by Constance W. McGeorge  – Recommended ages 2-7 . This endearing picture book helps soothe the feelings children have while moving in a humorous way. Boomer, the dog, awaits his daily walk but soon realizes that today is not a normal day,it’s moving day. Confusion and choas is everywhere!

Little Critter: We are Moving by Mercer Mayer  – Recommended ages 4-8. The Critter Family is moving and Little Critter isn’t very happy. He also has lots of questions. Eventually he learns that moving isn’t so bad after all!

A New House by Jill Wenzel – Recommended ages 4-10. Activity book with puzzles, games and activities that help children process the emotions of moving to a new home.

The Moving Book: A Kids’ Survival Guide by Gabriel Davis  – Filled with advice and activities to help prepare for a move such as change of address post cards, a family and friend address book, pages for photos and memories, road trip games, ideas to create maps of your new room and neighborhood, and tips on how to pack, how to make friends and how to learn about your new town.

New Kid, New Scene by Debbie Glasser, PhD and Emily Schenck  – Recommended ages 8 and up. Real life stories from kids on the ins and outs of navigating new surroundings, making new friends, stay in touch with old friends, and finding a place that feels like home.

A Kiss Goodbye by Audry Penn – Recommended ages 3-8. From the author of “The Kissing Hand” and “A Pocket Full of Kisses”. Chester Racoon’s family is moving. Children will love how Chester says goodbye to his old him and hello to his new home.

My Very Exciting, Sorta Scary, Big Move by Lori Attanasio Woodring  – Recommended ages 5-11 and written by a child psychologist. Walks children step by step through the entire moving process with charming illustrations and engaging activities that allow children to take control of their feelings.

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