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Basic Tips for Moving on a Budget

basic tips for moving on a budgetThese days everyone is pinching pennies — especially when moving. So it’s best to conserve your resources so that every little bit will count. Some basic tips for moving on a budget are usually the most common sense-oriented, but it is helpful to begin the process with some wise choices in mind.

Dollar store magic. For household cleaning supplies, paper products, and even cheap snacks, nothing beats the dollar store. It can help you save while you are in the middle of a move, and will keep you stocked until you can do a real grocery run and pick up more quality products.

Visit Craigslist. Sure, some people find it a little creepy, but it’s a good service for cheap and even free stuff. There is a pretty good stock of household items that you might need, microwaves, toasters, mini-fridges, couches and so on. These things can help you cheaply furnish a room that you may be gaining from your relocation.

Hunt for deals. When connecting cable or telephone services, it’s important to look for great deals. Often times a cable provider will have a plan that comes with extras for less, and comparing prices can lead you to the most value. Do a little research before connecting your home services.

Do you have any tips for moving on a budget in New Orleans? Please share them in the comments section!