Best Music For The Road

There is much to consider when hitting the road for a lengthy drive. Having water, snacks, dressing comfortably, and having great company are all important–but what is absolutely paramount, is having a decent music selection.

Let the trees, green fields, and landscape pass through your periphery with the best soundtrack possible. It will pass the time, and can even drown out the more unpleasant sounds of snoring family members, complaining siblings, and maybe even your worries about the upcoming unpacking job.

Instead, sit back, hit the cruise control, and enjoy the sweet sounds of our top ten selection of best road albums for a move on the road.

1) If you’re anywhere in Louisiana, you can go ahead and blare Garth Brooks’ classic cover of Callin’ Baton Rouge, which is near the end of his record In Pieces.

2) Even though they aren’t technically from Louisiana, everyone can recognize the chorus from Born On A Bayou by Creedence Clearwater Revival. The album Bayou Country is great road music as well.

3) Don Henley’s The End Of Innocence has driving music written all over it. The punchy tempo and classic sound keeps you going mile after mile.

4) Led Zeppelin’s III is undeniably crisp. Spike called it “relentless yet unobtrusive,” and we couldn’t agree more. It has the Zeppelin style, but won’t be too overwhelming while you enjoy the road.

5) Bob Marley’s Legend. Does this record really need any talking up? It’s low tempo, yet lyrically engaging. It’s just about the epitome of background music that won’t irritate you. One of the few records that can unequivocally be played all the way through without the desire to skip a track.

Do you have any albums you would recommend? Let us hear about them in the comments section below. You know you have something you wanna add!