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Avoid Injury: Moving Safety

Most people simply want the job done, and they want it done quickly. Sometimes this can lead to accidents, twisted backs, hurt wrists and maybe worse. Luckily there are a few useful tips to help you prevent any of that from happening and to avoid injury. Moving can be accomplished safely and easily, but it takes some up front research.
avoid injury moving
Fools rush in. It is most important to think carefully about your move before packing a single dinner plate. Even though you may have chosen Atmosphere Movers to do the hard work for you, if you aren’t careful, you can still hurt or strain yourself in the process.

Lift Carefully. Even those of us who are relatively strong can strain a muscle. Always use your legs when lifting something heavy from off of the ground. Never twist your back to turn while holding a heavy object. Another great common sense rule is to make sure that someone helps you if you are in doubt. It’s must better to have an easy two person carry, than a tough single person carry.

Safe Clothing. If your clothing is baggy and has loose sleeves or shirt tails hanging out, consider changing. The last thing anyone needs is to get snagged while moving and organizing. Even a minor injury or twisted ankle can ruin a move. Wear real shoes, not flip-flops. It can save your feet from being hurt or scraped.

Clear the floor. Don’t attempt to move heavy items around the house without a clear path to access each room. Walking while holding a box in front of you seriously limits your peripheral vision, which can lead to falls. The worse part about a tumble while moving is that items and special belongings can be damaged in the process.

Stay hydrated and fed. You will expend more energy moving than many of your daily tasks. Your body needs to be cared for or you may find yourself feeling faint. It’s not only embarrassing, but can be serious.

Follow a few basic guidelines and your move will be safe and hassle free.

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