4 Organization Tips for the New Year

Getting organized can be difficult, especially when you have other tasks to complete. The new year is a great time to organize your home and kick the new year off to a positive start. These four tips will help you stay organized through the year, starting with the new year.

1. Take Baby Steps

One of the biggest mistakes people make is rushing to get things done. Another common mistake is taking on too many tasks at once. The best thing to do is start by setting realistic goals. Setting these type of goals will prevent you from becoming frustrated and possibly giving up. Set one or two goals at a time to complete and remember to allow yourself enough time to successfully finish each task.

2. Establish A Routine

When you establish a routine, you can check things off of your list as you go, which can motivate you to finish more tasks on the list. Creating and establishing a routine helps with your mental health. When you’re running around in hundreds of different directions at once to complete different tasks, your mind doesn’t have a chance to focus. When you can’t focus, there’s a good chance nothing will get done.

3. Make Good Use of Storage

The saying, “out with the old, and in with the new”, makes sense in many different situations. You probably received tons of presents and don’t have a lot of places to put them. Purchasing a storage unit is a good idea in this instance because you can store a variety of items, including furniture and decorations, and they will be safe. You can retrieve these items at any time.

4. Prepare Meals Ahead of Time

Preparing meals can be time-consuming and take away time from completing other tasks. Set aside one or two days to prepare meals for the week. Preparing meals ahead of time is especially great if you have children. Properly preparing meals can cut the cook time to more than half of the time.

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Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Storage Solution

Whether you require short-term or long-term storage depends on a variety of factors. You may require a storage unit because you are remodeling your home, you need more space in your home, you are between moving from one house to another, or you have decided to downsize or declutter your home and are cleaning it before you sell it. Consider some of these factors to help you choose the best storage unit possible.

The Size of the Storage Unit

The size of the storage unit is the determining factor of what you can and cannot store. To help with figuring out which size storage unit will benefit you best, make a list of all of the items you need to store. If you plan on storing large items, such as living room suites, beds, and similar furniture, you should purchase one of the largest storage units available. The largest storage unit may seem unnecessarily large at first, but once you store your large items, you will still have room for your smaller items.

Climate Control

Climate controlled storage is beneficial for a variety of reasons. This type of storage protects your belongings from exposure to extreme temperatures – whether hot or cold – such as antiques, musical instruments, documents that are of importance, furniture, electronics, and more. Climate control storage has excellent air quality, which means the air remains of high quality because the units are properly sealed. Dust and debris is a common issue for standard storage users when they are storing books and magazines. Although climate controlled storage costs more than traditional storage options, it offers peace of mind for anyone using this type of storage. Humidity protection offers more peace of mind for storage users who have antique furniture because these items are protected from becoming warped, cracked or rotting.

Items You May Not Have To Store

You don’t have to store every item you own if you don’t want to. Purchasing a storage unit is a good idea if you need a place to put your belongings where they will be safe and out of your way for a while. You may not want to store items that you will need in the near future, such as all of your clothes, items for your pet and all of your furniture. Store items you will not need for a few months. Items you need immediately should be moved to your new location.

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Packing and Unpacking Decorations for a Relaxing Holiday Season

Tips for Organizing: Packing and Unpacking

Celebrating the holidays often means family gatherings, food, and lots of decorations. Packing and unpacking tons of decorations can take the excitement out of the holidays, but don’t let this ruin your holiday season or take your holiday spirit. Here are two packing and unpacking decoration tips to save time and make your holidays more enjoyable.

Unpacking Decorations

Choose A Date

Set a date to unpack your decorations. Maybe on a day, you are off work or another specific date when you have to dedicate your undivided attention to this task. It’s best not to try to get everything done in one day, especially if you are the king or queen of decorations with a lot to do. Set aside at least two days to unpack your decorations if you have a ton of them. If not, you may be able to get things done quicker, but still, take your time. Give yourself enough time to unpack fragile decorations, such as ornaments, centerpieces, and similar items.

Separate According to The Rooms

If you have a lot of decorations you wish to use, separating them by room can make this task easier and helps with organization. You may want to use certain decorations in a specific room, and separating the decorations can help. Having a plan for the decorations takes a lot of the guesswork out of the equation. You may want to start with large decorations, then place or hang the smaller ones.

Packing Decorations

Proper Storage Matters

When it’s time to store the decorations, all decorations should be stored neatly. Avoid stacking fragile decorations on top of one another. Not stacking these items helps prevent damage and other mishaps.

Make Good Use of Common Household Items

You will be surprised at how many common household items you can use to help with organizing and storing your holiday decorations. Untangling holiday lights is enough frustration to drive anyone insane. Avoid this hassle and many others by using storage bags. Bags with zippers are the best to use because they can be sealed in a way that moisture, pests, and dust will not become a problem. Use empty egg crates to house your most fragile decorations. Egg crates have grooves and partitioned sections that make storing decorations of all kinds, especially fragile ones, the ideal location.

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Thanksgiving Dining Room and Kitchen Prep Tips for the Perfect Holiday

Whether you are planning a large or small holiday gathering for Thanksgiving, the perfect meal has to be planned for, and you have to have space available. The dining room table must be set, and the kitchen has to be in order. Organizing the dining room and kitchen is certainly not something that should be done at the last minute. Use these Thanksgiving dining room and kitchen prep tips to help you survive the holiday.

Dining Room Prep Tips

Seating Arrangements

Your dining room table needs to be inviting. Be sure to use table cloths and other appropriate decor, such as centerpieces and pictures to help put your guests in the holiday spirit. Do you know how many guests you should be expecting? Place settings are very important for dinners, and you need to map where everyone is sitting. Each chair at the table represents where a person is sitting, and must have a place setting, including at least one plate, bowl, glass, and silverware. Silverware should be wrapped in a table napkin that is festive and matches the tablecloth if possible. Set at least two extra place settings just in case one of your guests brings an extra guest at the last minute. Depending on the available space in your home, you may be able to set up one more table. Having two dining room tables is ideal if you are expecting a lot of guests or are having children as guests.


The decor in your home should be as inviting as your dining room table. You don’t have to put framed pictures of turkeys on your wall, but as long as the color scheme is consistent with vibrant reds, oranges, deep browns, and bright yellows, you’re all set.

Kitchen Prep Tips

Preparing Food

Before you step foot in your kitchen to prepare any meals, everything needs to be organized. Cooking in a cluttered kitchen is a recipe for disaster in the long run. Kitchen table and counter space needs to be clean and clear so you can prepare food as well as place food for it to cool off. Spices are important when cooking is involved. For thanksgiving, important spices can include poultry seasoning, garlic, nutmeg, cinnamon, sage, parsley, ginger, and many more.


Make sure your oven, stove, and dishwasher are clean. This is the equipment you will use the most, so it needs to be as clean as possible. Cleaning needs to be done before the fun of cooking and baking begins, and it should be done at least 24 hours before Thanksgiving dinner. It’s best if you clean up between making meals and desserts to help keep the mess under control.

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