things not to forget when moving

5 Moving Essentials

5 moving essentials

Moving can be chaotic but packing an essential kit of personal items will help you keep your cool and your sanity. These 5 moving essentials are ones you definitely don’t want to forget. So get your bag ready and get packing.

5 Moving Essentials

1. Toilet paper, hand soap and a bathroom towel. You need these bathroom essentials. Noting sucks more than not having one of these items in the middle of a move.
2. Cups, plates, silverware, napkins. These too are essentials, everyone will need to eat and setting it aside so it is available will save a lot of tummies from rumbling when it’s chow time.
3. Deodorant – Moving is work. Enough said.
4. Toothbrush and toothpaste. Sometimes refreshing your mouth is all you need.
5. ID- You want to make sure you have your ID and credit cards set aside so it doesn’t get shuffled into the moving mix. Go ahead and grab your keys (both sets!) too.

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