4 Things To Do Before You Move

Moving is a lot of work and sometimes things get over worked. We’ve made a short list of things you not only don’t want to forget, but things you should do first. Check them out!

4 Things to Do

When you move into your new home there are several things you should do before anything else, but these four things take the cake.


Change the locks. Seriously, you never know who had the keys and how many are floating around out there. Make sure you change all of the locks and make sure one universal key first them all.

Make extra sets of keys. You don’t want to loose them, but it is bound to happen. Keys are easily lost. Give a spare set to a family member or close friend in case of emergencies.

Clean. If possible, snag the keys prior to moving day and give your new home a good scrubbing. It will make the unpacking so much less stressful if the bones have been cleaned.

Have an Emergency Kit. You want this at every home, especially if you have small children. Make sure you have bandages of all sizes, you never know what kind of injury will happen!

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