10 Moving Tips To Make Life Easier

To Make Life Easier

Moving is a huge job, no matter the size of the family or home. So ensuring that you are working smarter and not harder will make a for an easier transition. These top 10 moving tips to make life easier are just starter points, but they make for a great start to any move.

Color code and number boxes – This will keep you organized and feeling in control. With an organized system of color coding, numbering and tracking, you can easily determine where a box is going, if you are missing any boxes and perhaps even what is in it (if you keep a spreadsheet, you can note important items in each box number).

If renting, take before and after pictures – This is a huge one folks. Take a picture of little things, like a broken screen, or cracked window the day you move in and document any issues in your lease agreement. Then take pictures again after you move out that way everything is documented.

Change your address at least two weeks prior to moving – You want to be sure the post office has time to process your address change. Otherwise you risk having to wait on your mail, and it may get lost in the shuffle for a while.

Defrost your refrigerator at least a day in advance and wipe up any liquid – You don’t want to forget this one and risk your fridge leaking all over the moving truck.

Pack an overnight bag containing all the essentials – This tip will not only save you time and frustration, but also money. Nothing like not being able to find contact solution, or some other must-have item and have to run out to buy it in the middle of the moving chaos.

Clean before and after, and leave supplies – Clean the new home before you move so that way it is literally ready to live in. Then remember to take back those cleaning supplies and leave an extra few trash bags so that you have them ready to clean your old home once it is empty.

Update your info with credit cards and banks – Make sure you hop online and change over your address with not only utilities, but also your credit cards and bank. Remember to order new checks with your updated address.

Ask friends and family for help in advance – Let’s face it, weekends are a busy time for most people. Ask your friends and family in advance to help out and promise a meal and drinks for their services.

Arrange child care – Same as above, people are busy, so ask them in advance. Your kiddos can have some fun with Aunt Sally while the adults get the work done. Much more fun than watching out “Cars” or some other movie on a laptop and getting bored once it is over.

Plan meals in advance – Moving also takes time and you will likely need a few meals. Plan this in advance. People spend less money when meals are planned than just ordering in the moment.

Keeping these 10 moving tips to make life easier in mind is one way to keep your day from getting out of control.

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