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New Orleans St. Patrick’s Day Parades

Nobody throws a parade quite like New Orleans, and not just during Carnival season! In a city that looks for any excuse to parade, St. Patrick’s Day (or the weekend leading up to it) is the perfect time to find your inner Irish and catch even more goodies! True, you probably don’t need any more […]

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De-Cluttering the Bathroom

De-Cluttering the Bathroom Whether you are getting ready to move or just getting your home more organized, you may be wondering how you acquired so much clutter. While it may seem overwhelming, there are some things you can get rid of today. A room-by-room sweep is a great way to get things in order, however, tackling […]

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Transporting Your Aquarium on Moving Day

Relocating Friends with Fins: Transporting Your Aquarium Moving day can be stressful, and transporting your aquarium can add to those feelings of anxiety. While they may not require as much attention as our furry pets on a daily basis, fish, and their surroundings, need special treatment during a move. We have compiled some tips for getting […]

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